Notre Marques BK HAIR BEAUTY

Notre Marques
BK HAIR BEAUTY pour le marché de l'Asie du Sud-Est, avec une nouvelle ligne de soins capillaires utilisant le summum des principes actifs innovants, de la plus haute qualité et de la plus haute concentration. Détail afin d'offrir les dernières avancées dans tous nos produits BK HAIR BEAUTY. Réparations intensives, rajeunir, protéger, revitaliser et donner une infusion aux cheveux de nutriments et d'énergie qui sont nécessaires pour que les cheveux vous soit radieux pour tous les jours. Lire la suite




Innovation and the latest technology are combined with the action of exciting and rejuvenating agents; HYALURONIC ACID rebuilds hair fibers and improves the hair right up from the roots. PRODEW® 500, state of the art technology for efficient volume reduction and instant brightness.

We add, as well, organic keratin, natural proteins and precious natural oils create a range of hair care products specifically designed for today. Effective and totally safe formula has been created for a range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments capable of restoring original qualities to all kinds of hair. BK HAIR BEAUTY is a prestigious brand in hair care. Our comprehensive range of “Avant-Garde» professional products are aimed at discerning, health-orientated women and men of all ages seeking products of luxury cosmetics using the highest concentration of natural active ingredients with the advanced technologies, offer winning products at competitive prices.


BK Innovation and excellence are the keys to our success and our aim is to turn haircare into an exceptional experience, giving full rein to the creativity of the hairdresser and end-user.

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